Client support suite

Much of our work is done through one to one meetings with individual researchers but we also have a programme of regional support to help with planning the milestones to be accomplished before submitting a proposal.

To support our clients at all stages in the application process, the RDS EoE offers a suite of support consisting of:

NIHR Workshops

These are designed for novice bidders who have not applied to NIHR before. The workshops provide an outline of the particular characteristics and remits of NIHR bids, and an overview of what is involved. There are 20 places per workshop, total cost £25 for one day workshop and £50 for 2-day workshop. Please apply directly to Dr Muhammad Waqar at or on 01582 743782.

NIHR one-day workshop: 15 March 2017
NIHR two-day workshop: 11 October 2017 and 18 October 2017

Bid Development Panels

Designed for clients whose proposal is at the first or second draft stage.  Participants should be the principal investigator and/or one other member of the team. The participant/research team will be allotted their own time slot and will have the opportunity to discuss their research and receive feedback from a panel of general advisers as well as specialists in areas such as health economics, statistics and public involvement. Proposals should be sent to your key adviser in advance of the workshops by dates stated below, priority will be given to those bids nearest to completion.  There are a maximum of 5 places per workshop

For further information and future Bid Development Panel dates, view the flyer here – Bid development panels flyer 2017

Pre-submission Panel

Suitable for applicants who have their proposals ready and who wish to receive a final opinion before submission. Much like a formal NIHR Funding Committee, a panel of RDS EoE advisers re-create the committee environment to consider each application.

Applicants are not required to attend, but should send their completed bids to their key RDS Adviser. These will be reviewed by the RDS EoE panel comprising all advisers and methodological specialists in the region in the same way that bids are considered by the funding committee. That is, two assessors will lead a panel discussion, and the panel as a whole will then comment on the proposal in terms of its quality and readiness for submission. Key advisers will provide feedback to applicants in time to carry out alterations before submission. Any bid submitted will be considered that is complete and aiming for submission within a few weeks – unlimited places.

For further information and future Pre-submission Panel dates, view the flyer here – Pre-submission panels flyer 2017