Mar 17

RDS EoE NIHR Workshop

This is a full-day interactive workshop looking at the most important aspects of putting together an application for research funding. The work is focused on the various funding streams run by the NIHR, although the topics covered are also highly relevant for those planning to apply to other funding streams and agencies. The overall aim is for workshop participants to develop the skills they need to put together a high quality research bid with a genuine chance of success in a highly competitive field. Persons most likely to benefit are those new to writing bids to the NIHR, and with limited or no experience of writing bids for other funders. The main themes dealt with are:

the research topic and methodology

  • ensuring that the research question and the proposed methods fit together in terms of quality, practicality and feasibility
  • describing research plans in adequate scientific terms
  • describing research plans for a non-technical audience
  • making methodology, personnel, timing and budgets fit together

stakeholders, partners and supporters

  • addressing the vital patient/community involvement agenda
  • what is the relationship between clinical and academic partners?
  • the peer review process and how bids are ‘judged’

handling and managing an application for funds

  • the NIHR programmes and how they work
  • ‘hoops and hurdles’ – what are the crucial steps and permissions

The facilitator, Charlie Davison is an independent healthcare research and training consultant based in Colchester, Essex. He is a Fellow of the School of Health and Human Sciences at the University of Essex. Charlie trained in the 1980’s as a Medical Anthropologist and since then has gained wide experience in the UK and internationally in the field of social science research methodologies applied to the practical problems of primary care, public health and community involvement. He has been recently successful in applying for NIHR funding (Research for Patient Benefit programme).

Venue: Cambridge Professional Development Centre from 9.30am – 4.30pm

The cost of the workshop is £25. To book a place please contact Dr Muhammad Waqar as soon as possible as places are limited; Tel 01582 743782 or e-mail muhammad.waqar@beds.ac.uk

Mar 17