Client support

The research design service process

Much of our work is done through one to one meetings with individual researchers. Once we receive your request for support our central office will assign your enquiry to the appropriate office within the region and a local research adviser will get in touch with you.

Depending on your requirements our research advisers may be able to answer your questions or provide initial feedback via e-mail. Often an appropriate starting point is to meet in person and we are happy to arrange to meet with you or your team at a convenient time and location, one of the benefits of having local offices and support.

After you have received initial feedback your assigned adviser will co-ordinate the input of further expertise as required within the research design service. Our service is not limited to just one consultation and many of our clients work with us over a period of time to ensure that they have the greatest chances of success, which is why we prefer you to contact us early on in the process of applying for funding.

Although of course you may contact us at any stage as you develop your research proposal, please be aware the closer you are to your chosen funding deadline then there is less opportunity for the research design service to provide you with constructive feedback and support.

As always, we treat all discussions and the information that you provide with appropriate confidentiality as explained fully in our Data Protection and Privacy Statement.