Review panels and workshops

Review Panels and Workshops

For health researchers planning to submit bids in 2018, the NIHR Research Design Service East of England (RDS EoE) has a planned programme of regional support.  These regional events enable researchers to take advantage of our advice and feedback.  We offer three kinds of regional support:

RDS EoE Pre-submission review panel

For individuals or teams whose funding applications are fairly well developed, the RDS EoE pre-submission panel is an opportunity for projects to be reviewed prior to submission.  As far as possible the panel replicates how the funding committee will consider the application.

Researchers are not required to attend the review panel, but need to liaise with their key RDS adviser and forward their nearly-ready funding application in good time. Applicants who have not previously used the RDS are also welcome to submit proposals to Muhammad Waqar for feedback from the panel.

Feedback on the submission is provided as soon as possible by the key RDS adviser, focusing on key issues that would strengthen the bid.

The dates of upcoming pre-submission panels and deadlines can be found here.

Please speak to your research adviser if you would like more information. 

RDS EoE Bid Development Workshop

For researchers whose applications are at the first or second draft stage with clearly formulated the objectives, general and specialist feedback can be obtained at RDS EoE bid development workshops.

The principal investigator and/or one other member of the team are expected to attend the workshop and present a summary of their research proposal.  In addition to general feedback from researchers and RDS staff, specialists in areas such as health economics, statistics and public involvement can provide project specific feedback.

Applicants are advised to work on their bid with their RDS key adviser before attending the workshop, although applicants who have not previously used the RDS are also welcome to submit proposals.

Proposals need to be sent in advance of the workshops (a minimum of one week prior to the workshop) to Dr Muhammad Waqar.

For bid development workshops at Norwich, please contact Lisa Rowe.

The dates for upcoming bid development workshops can be found here.

Mock Interview

For NIHR fellowship candidates who have been invited to interview the RDS EoE offers a mock exercise.  Participants are required to present a summary of their research proposal to a panel of RDS research advisers and public contributors who will then interview the candidate.

Please speak to your research adviser if you would like more information or email Muhammad Waqar.