East of England Public Involvement Forum

In the East of England we have a well established public involvement community involving  NIHR, NHS and other regional and local organisations and groups with a shared interest in working together to support public involvement in research across the region.

Recently in response to recommendations to the Director General Research and Development / Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Department of Health of the ‘Breaking Boundaries’ strategic review of public involvement in the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) an NIHR public involvement review and recommendation we have revised our regional infrastructure for partnership (click here to view diagram) and as summarised below:

East of England Public Forum: Membership is open to anyone in the region with an interest including members of the public and service user representatives. Communications is mainly virtual with one annual meeting in spring.

East of England Public Involvement Research Partnership Working Group: Membership includes all members of the NIHR PI Collaborative (below) plus public involvement leads and service users from relevant partnership organisations across the region, including NHS, academic, voluntary sector etc. Meeting are held twice a year in Cambridge.

East of England NIHR Public Involvement Collaborative: Membership includes NIHR Public Involvement Leads and Service User Representatives with a regional remit, in addition to AHSN. The remit of this group is to align regional public involvement strategies and to provide joint resources to deliver regional priorities.

The RDS is currently providing the leadership (Chair) and administration for these groups. For further information about this please contact Tracey Johns or Louise Forrest.