Patients, carers and the public

Members of the public are needed who are interested in helping researchers plan and conduct research projects to ensure they are relevant and meaningful.  Please download a copy of the NIHR Research Design Service leaflet Getting involved in health research grant applications.

Why get involved?

Getting involved in research can be interesting, rewarding and enjoyable.  You will be doing something important and may contribute to increasing medical knowledge.  It can also provide opportunity to meet new people with similar experiences.

You can help with the research in the following ways:

  • Planning the way the research is designed, so that patients concerns are prioritised
  • Ensuring the research plan is written in a way members of the public can understand
  • Providing insight about your first-hand experience as a patient or carer
  • Giving ideas about the best way to involve other patients and carers in the research process and recruitment
  • Advising researchers about how to disseminate the findings of the research

How much you get involved is up to you and there are a wide range of opportunities from, reviewing documentation to being a partner involved in the management of the research. Training and support will provided according to your needs.  In addition, expenses and fees as appropriate will be covered.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in getting involved in research and would like to know more about the opportunities available in the region, please contact Tracey Johns.  For more information about active public involvement in all aspects of research, please visit the NIHR patient and public involvement web pages.