Dr Annalisa Casarin

Annalisa is a medical doctor, specialist in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Management with an interest in Complementary Medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture).

She trained in Italy then became a Critical Care Clinical Fellow in Toronto (Canada), Cambridge (UK) and London (UK). After repatriating, she spent two and half years as a Pain Management Consultant in Italy. In 2013 she returned to the UK as Research Fellow involved in the MoDUS RCT, the AWARE2 Trial, and a number of audits and observational trials. She appears in several peer reviewed publications.

Annalisa is currently undertaking a part-time Masters in Public Health – Health Services Research at the University of Sheffield and works part-time for the NIHR Research Design Service East of England as a Research Adviser.

Her main areas of interest are quantitative studies in Critical Care and Complementary Medicine and systematic reviews.