Gill Green

Gill Green is a Professor of Medical Sociology in the School of Health and Human Sciences, University of Essex. Gill has been researching aspects of chronic illness since the early 1990s with a particular interest in the experience of long-term illness and the impact it has on self-identity. Gill has written books and has multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals on the psychosocial impact of HIV and more recently upon people with other chronic illnesses. She has also been the Principal Investigator on a number of research projects related to other socially excluded groups such as the lived experiences of offenders with mental health problems and people living in low income households. She has expertise in a range of qualitative methods.

Gill has been Director of the RDS EoE since its inception in 2008 and this involves close liaison with RDS colleagues throughout the East of England and also with Directors of the other RDSs in England (there are 10 in total) to provide a seamless and equitable service to health researchers in the region applying for peer-reviewed funding. The role also involves extensive networking with other national and regional research organisations as well as establishing robust and enduring relationships with lay representatives and organisations to ensure their input into development of research. Gill chairs the national RDS Public Involvement Community and works closely with INVOLVE, the NIHR national body.