Jean Craig

Jean is an experienced paediatric nurse. Prior to joining the RDS she worked as a Research Associate in the Evidence-Based Child Health Unit at the University Liverpool where her role included: undertaking systematic reviews; developing national guidelines; leading the Evidence-Based Child Health Module; sitting on the Trust Research Review Committee; helping to establish and run the Trust Research Clinic to support researchers; assisting health care practitioners at the Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust to demonstrate an evidence-based approach to clinical practice;.

Jean gained her PhD at the University of Liverpool before moving to Norwich in April 2010 to take up post as a Researcher Advisor. She is PPI representative for the Norfolk and Suffolk hub and an active member of the RDS East of England Communications Group. She continues to conduct secondary research and is currently co-reviewer for the ‘Manipulation of Drugs for Use in Children’ (MODRIC) systematic review, one of the work streams of an NIHR RfPB funded project, for which she was a co-applicant. Her clinical / research interests include general paediatrics, medicines management, supportive care in children with cancer, systematic review methods and development of evidence-based guidelines.